Zumba with Katie will ensure you work up a sweat whilst grooving to the latest music.

* Burns between 600-1000 Calories per session

* High Energy Interval Training alternating Fast and Slow Rhythms

* Guaranteed to make your endorphines happy

* Zumba is suitable for all fitness levels

* Easy to follow moves and supportive environment

No need to be shy – We darken our studio, add cool lighting and take away the mirrors so you can let loose to the music!

See you there!



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*Free Session Valid for 1 trial class (either Zumba, Metafit or Bootcamp) – New Clients Only

I have really enjoyed discovering Zumba over the past couple of months, I only wish I had tried it sooner !, I can already notice the difference in my energy levels and overall mood. You provide a really fun welcoming & inclusive atmosphere which is not intimidating at all, which is really great for someone like me who hadn’t exercised for AGES . Thanks so much Katie

Claire Bocchino

Fantastic Zumba classes with Katie, she makes it fun, enjoyable and the atmosphere is very relaxing. Great location, excellent set up and the lesson goes so fast. I can’t wait every night after my Zumba class for the next class. I Recommend Katie’s classes to everyone come and have a go you will not regret it.

Fiona Veale Morphett Vale

Was at first beginners class last night (Thursday) with sister-in law, we have never laughed so much, but had fun and worked hard to keep up, Thoroughly enjoyed it will be back next Thursday night. A big thank you for coming to Lonsdale – it’s a great venue and atmosphere.

Michelle Lee

If you want your kids to have fun then I TOTALLY recommend “Zumba for Kids with Katie” My 6 year of girl didn’t like participating in group activities so I brought her along to Zumba for kids with Katie, to build her confidence up. We now have a count down of sleeps to when the next lesson is! Today she even danced in the middle of the class all by herself! THANK YOU KATIE for showing her how to have fun with Zumba.

Lisa Jones -Maslin Beach

To be honest I haven’t exercised for years and needed to do something as my weight has really been creeping up on me. From the first class I was hooked, Zumba is fun, I actually laughed. Some of the moves can be a little tricky at first but it really doesn’t take long to get the hang of it. Katie’s class is full of energy, very modern with lighting and great moves, I really enjoy it. What I have noticed is the variety of age groups doing Zumba from young children to Grandma’s, everyone of every age seems to be enjoying Zumba. Thanks to Katie and her enjoyable Zumba class I am losing weight without even noticing that I am exercising.

Heidi from Reynella.

If you are looking for a high energy and fun workout driven by a highly motivated instructor then Zumba with Katie is for you. Katie creates a dance party atmosphere and takes time to walk you through the moves so you feel at ease whilst having fun and burning calories at the same time. I look forward to taking my daughter to Zumba for kids with Katie and to also participate again in her ‘adult Zumba sessions’ after I have my second baby.

Michelle Chaplin, Brompton, Adelaide.

Zumba with Katie is an enjoyable way to keep fit and have loads of fun! It will leave you excited and pumped for the next Zumba session and will keep you coming back for more! The music and dance routines are awesome and easy to learn in a happy, friendly environment. For the best Zumba experience down south come to Zumba with Katie!

Sam, Adelaide.